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For Organisations

Finding great volunteers - We can help you to find the volunteers that you need, whether it’s for a one off piece of work, or if your organisation needs help on a regular basis.

We’re proud to have a database of over 1800 volunteers and it increases by the day! Register your voluntary opportunity here so that we can promote it for you.

We will put your opportunities on this website and various other media such as Facebook and Twitter.

When your volunteer positions are filled, please let us know at and we can then remove your vacancy. Please bear in mind this may take a few days to activate.

historic garden restoration - volunteers in action

Historic garden restoration - volunteers in action

Our Services
We have 20 years of experience and understand that finding a volunteer is only the start of the process which includes:

Brokerage - link volunteers to suitable organisations

Marketing - promote volunteering locally as a positive activity, open to all, which benefits individuals and the community.

Develop volunteering opportunities - work with new and established organisations to develop and promote opportunities.

Policy response and campaigning - inform and act to influence policy on issues that affect volunteers and volunteering.

Good practice - promote high standards in volunteer management.


Volunteer Centre Uttlesford, c/o Uttlesford District Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4ER - Tel: 01799 510525/510524
Opening Hours Monday to Thursday 9.30 to 1.30