Helping Hands

Young people are the future of volunteering and we want to secure the future of volunteering in Uttlesford

We visit primary schools throughout the district to talk to Year 5 pupils about volunteering and helping others. We ask them what they already do to help and what they think they could do in their own local communities.  We are also going to be visiting Brownieand Cub groups and other children’s organisations.

Our aim is to engage young people at a relatively early age, and to promote the benefits of social action to young people.  We want to sow the seeds of volunteering by showing children
how it can enhance the lives of both giver and receiver. We intend to promote the benefits of social action to key influencers (e.g. parents and teachers), while encouraging those young
people who already taking part to inspire their peers to join them.

If you want to help us make volunteering as a way of life, then please do get in touch.