Time Bank

Everyone has skills, knowledge and experience to share

Through Time Banking you can offer your skills to help others, at a level that can be reasonably expected from a friend or neighbour

In return you can receive help or support that you need, or learn new skills. Your time credits can be spent used on anything from the ‘bank’ of skills available. It’s a great way to be part of the community.

  • You volunteer (help out) in your own (neighbourhood) community, as and when something is (needed.) requested that you can help with.
  • For every hour that you give to help others, you receive one hour in time credit., or give it to us for the Community Pot
  • It’s social and friendly – you only do what you are able to, when you have spare time.
  • Credits can be donated and are then available to those unable to earn their own.
  • Everyone’s time is valued equally and all skills and services are equal.

Joining Time Bank

It’s free to become a member of Time Bank and it’s open to all, over 16 years of age, ability, skills or situation.

Come and see us and we will tell you more!