Petal Wave Art Trail

An inter-generational art project to show support to those living with dementia in our community

The idea of the Petal Wave Art Trail is that it replicates Forget-Me-Nots, which are different shapes and sizes as Dementia is different for each person. Petals are simply cut out of paper, decorated and signed to show support.

They can be decorated by those directly living with Dementia and their carers, children within a local Nursery, or members of the public and the displays can be anywhere in our community.  Petals and pens will be left at venues for you to sign and decorate.

Anyone of any age can take part in this delightful project, so if you would like to find out more, contact Volunteer Uttlesford. If you are the owner of a shop, work in a Library, school, a business, a Bank, Residential & Care homes, Supermarkets or run a Brownie/Cub pack why not join in and support us?

It is such a simple idea but carries a strong message of support.

This inter-generational art project not only raises awareness of Dementia, it raises awareness that there is support from the community and it shows that we are very much active and working towards Dementia Friendly status.

To find out more contact us on 01799 510525 or at

The picture shows staff at the Uttlesford District Council offices, who were asked to show their support for the Petal Wave Art Trail by decorating forget-me-not petals around the building.